BriefCatch 2 is No Longer Supported

Applies to: BriefCatch 2, All Users

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023

BriefCatch 2 users can upgrade to BriefCatch 3 at no additional cost.

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BriefCatch 2 Support Termination

BriefCatch 2 support ended on December 31, 2022. All users will get a free upgrade to BriefCatch 3, our acclaimed SaaS-managed product with a brand-new UI and all the latest features and edits!

Install BriefCatch 3 (from Add-in)

To start using BriefCatch 3, you will need to install the new add-in. This is a simple process, install BriefCatch 3 here.

Create a BriefCatch 3 Account

Once the BriefCatch 3 app is installed, click on the BriefCatch icon under the Home tab to open BriefCatch 3:


Existing BriefCatch 2 subscribers can sign in with their account information. This can be done with Microsoft SSO by clicking on "Sign in with Microsoft" or by clicking "Sign in with email" to manually enter your email address:


The email address you use must match your current BriefCatch 2 subscription. If using Microsoft SSO, make sure your Microsoft email address is the same as the email address as your BriefCatch 2 subscription. If not, you need to sign in with your email address.


After you sign in, the BriefCatch 3 app will find and link your existing BriefCatch 2 subscription, then you will see the following screen:

You now have full access to BriefCatch 3 Pro and can starting editing immediately!
Updating to BriefCatch 3 will not automatically remove BriefCatch 2 or BriefCatch Standalone. You can reference our uninstall guide for help removing previous installations of BriefCatch.

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