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Applies to: BriefCatch 3, Enterprise Admins

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Please Note: The content on this page is related to BriefCatch 3 deployment for organizations that have a current enterprise license. If you don't yet have an enterprise license, please contact our sales team to learn how you can get BriefCatch 3 for your organization.

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Installation & Deployment




Installation & Deployment

How can we install BriefCatch 3 for our users?

BriefCatch 3 is a Microsoft approved AppSource Office Add-in. It can be deployed to your users via the Microsoft 365 admin center.

The below articles from Microsoft explain what Office Add-ins are and provide information on how to deploy Office Add-ins via the 365 admin center, along with best practices:

What versions of Word are compatible?

Supported versions include Microsoft® Word 2016 or later on Windows®, Microsoft® Word 2016 or later on macOS®, and Microsoft® Word for Web (Microsoft® 365 Online).

Some versions of Word 2016 may not be fully supported. Full support is available on Version 1603 (Build 6769.0000) or later.

As noted in Microsoft's Centralized Deployment documentation, Exchange Online is required for deployment through the 365 Admin Center.  

What are the steps to deploying BriefCatch 3 via the 365 admin center?

To add BriefCatch 3 for your users, access the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Click on Settings, then Integrated apps. Under the Integrated apps section, click on Get apps:


In the window that appears, search for BriefCatch. The BriefCatch 3 app will show in the results. Click Get it now:


BriefCatch 3 will now appear in your list of Integrated apps. From there, you can click on BriefCatch and choose how to deploy it. You can assign it to just yourself (for testing), individual users, groups of users, or your entire organization.


How do our users load BriefCatch 3 once it's installed?

After deployment is complete, your users will find BriefCatch 3 under the Home tab in Word. Click the BriefCatch icon to open the BriefCatch 3 app.


If the BriefCatch icon doesn't appear under the Home tab, your users may need to manually add BriefCatch 3 after it's deployed.

To do this, have them navigate to Home - Add-ins - See all:


Click on the BriefCatch icon to load BriefCatch and add it to your Home tab.

If BriefCatch doesn't appear in the list, click on More Add-ins, then on the ADMIN MANAGED tab. Click on BriefCatch, then Add. This will add BriefCatch to their Home ribbon.


If you don't see BriefCatch listed under the Admin Managed apps, please close and reopen Word. Then navigate back to the Admin Managed apps, and click Refresh.

If BriefCatch 3 was installed without an admin deployment, it may also appear under the MY ADD-INS tab.

If you don't see the Add-ins icon under the Home tab in Word, then check Insert - My Add-ins or Get Add-ins. (The location varies based on the version of Word installed.)

Please Note: It can take up to 72 hours for apps deployed via the 365 admin center to display for all of your users. If the BriefCatch 3 app still doesn't show after 72 hours, make sure you have deployed the app for the user, or contact us for additional assistance.

Do our users have to create an account?

Yes. Once the BriefCatch 3 app is installed, your users will need to create a new account under your organization.

This can be done using Microsoft Single Sign-On, by clicking the "Sign in with Microsoft" button which will create their account using their Microsoft account information. Using Microsoft SSO will automate licensing for enterprise customers.


If your users can't use Microsoft SSO to create their account, they can also create an account using an email address and password. After registering, your users must use an email address from your organization, and enter an organization code. A personal email address, such as, will not work properly.

If you aren't sure what your organization code is, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Learn how you can create an account for users within your organization.

Can we bypass the requirement of using an organization signup code?

Yes. If your users authenticate with Microsoft SSO, an organization code may not be required. (Note: This varies based on your subscription and organization type. An organization code may still be required, which is explained above.)

You can also provide a list of your user's email addresses we can pre-license them under your account. This will automatically link them to your enterprise license when they create their account.

What are the requirements to use Microsoft Single Sign-On?

Microsoft SSO requires a version of Word that uses IdentityAPI 1.3. You can review the Identity API requirement sets article from Microsoft for more information.

Do you support other Single Sign-On options?

At this time, BriefCatch 3 supports Microsoft Single Sign-On. Microsoft SSO is compatible with many other SSO options, so if you use a custom SSO within Microsoft Word, it may work without any custom implementation.

We suggest doing a test deployment of BriefCatch 3 within your IT department, then try using the Microsoft SSO option to make sure everything works as expected. If it works and you’re able to create an account, then you should be all set.

If you run into any problems, please contact us. We may be able to provide a custom SSO implementation for your organization.

Access to the store is restricted for our users. How can we install BriefCatch 3?

If your organization settings are set to restrict or disable access to the Microsoft store or add-ins for your users, an admin can still manually approve and add the app within the Microsoft 365 admin center following the instructions above.

Can our users install BriefCatch themselves?

Yes! If you would prefer that users install BriefCatch 3, rather than deploying from the 365 admin center, they can add the app by following our BriefCatch 3 install guide.

After BriefCatch 3 is added, they should follow the same instructions above to sign up under your organization.

Do you offer an EXE or MSI file to download and deploy BriefCatch 3?

No. BriefCatch 3 is currently only available through the Microsoft AppSource store.

Does upgrading to BriefCatch 3 replace BriefCatch 2 or BriefCatch Standalone?

Not automatically. Once you have BriefCatch 3 installed and working for your users, you should uninstall BriefCatch 2 (or Standalone). This will prevent your users from being confused and trying to load the older version.

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Does BriefCatch 3 connect to any external servers?

Yes. BriefCatch 3 is a cloud product and processes requests on secure servers. You can reference our Trust Center page for more information.

Does BriefCatch 3 store any document or confidential data?

No. BriefCatch 3 uses real-time data streams to process documents on secure servers. The server returns only the results of the scan. Neither the text from the scan nor the document text is ever collected, logged, or retained. No one can view any of the document text either during processing or after processing.

Do you store any user data?

We log some user data, such as user settings within the app and basic user information like name and email address. None of this user data contains any information related to documents or document text.

Are all data streams encrypted?

All connections to and from BriefCatch are encrypted using TLS 1.2/1.3.

What services are used to host and run BriefCatch 3?

We use servers hosted by:

Databases hosted by:

All servers are located in the United States.

BriefCatch stores frontend code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) on CDN Cache locations. There is no user-linked data with frontend assets. All data is encrypted at rest:

Payment Processor:  

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What devices are compatible with BriefCatch 3?

BriefCatch 3 is available on Microsoft® AppSource. Supported versions include Microsoft® Word 2016 or later on Windows®, Microsoft® Word 2016 or later on macOS®, and Microsoft® Word for Web (Microsoft® 365 Online).

Some versions of Word 2016 may not be fully supported. Full support is available on Version 1603 (Build 6769.0000) or later.

Is an Internet connection required to use BriefCatch 3?

Yes. You must be connected to the Internet to receive suggestions from BriefCatch 3.

Is BriefCatch 3 always running in the background?

No. BriefCatch 3 doesn't run unless the app is open and engaged.

How are updates managed with BriefCatch 3?

We only push updates that have undergone our robust quality assurance process. Updates to the software occur over the air through our secure environment.

The public end user will receive automatic updates over the air without any user intervention. Updates may include new features, bug fixes, suggestion enhancements, and more. We will soon offer enterprise customers options for controlling the deployment of updates. For now, though, automatic updates cannot be disabled.

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What are your fees for licensing?

Fees vary based on the size of your firm or entity. Please contact us for more details.

What kinds of licenses are offered?

We offer only renewable annual licenses at this time.

How are licenses managed?

After purchase, you will be given an organization code which you users can enter while signing up under your organization's email address. This code will allow your users to sign up and access BriefCatch 3 Pro under your organization's annual license. 

How are renewals managed?

We will contact you 4-6 weeks before your organization's enterprise license is set to renew. During this period, you can make any changes to your license, such as adding or removing users, or you can cancel your license if you decide not to renew.

Can I add more users to my license?

Yes! If you'd like to purchase 5 or more additional seats for your license, please send us an email at and we can prorate the amount to match your current license period. For example, if there are 100 days left in your license period, and you want to purchase 20 more seats, we will invoice you for the cost of the remaining 100 days of your license period.

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