Installing BriefCatch 3 Enterprise from Microsoft Add-Ins (Preferred)

Applies to: BriefCatch 3, Enterprise

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023

These instructions are the preferred method of installation for Enterprise subscribers who are able to install directly via Microsoft AppSource (Add-Ins).

Quick Links

Open Microsoft Word to Install the BriefCatch 3 Add-In

You can install BriefCatch 3 directly from Microsoft Word.

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • From the Home tab in the Word ribbon click on Add-Ins or Get Add-Ins (depending on your version of Office).

BC Toolbar_Get Addins

Create Your Account

In order to start using BriefCatch, you'll need to create an account. 

  • Create your account by choosing either:
    • "Sign in with Microsoft" to use your existing Microsoft credentials for your BriefCatch account, OR
    • "Sign up for a new account" with your professional email address.
      • Enter required fields.
      • Create password.
      • Enter your Organization Code when prompted.

BC3_Create Account Credentials

Start Using BriefCatch!

You're all set! Start using BriefCatch to improve your legal writing.

  • Click on Start Edit.
  • BriefCatch will analyze the document and will provide relevant suggestions. 

Learn more about getting started with BriefCatch here

BC3_Start Editing

BriefCatch 3 User Guide