BriefCatch for Outlook: Self Install Guide

Applies to: BriefCatch for Outlook, Enterprise

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2023

How to install BriefCatch for Outlook through the Microsoft store.

The content on this page is related to BriefCatch for Outlook deployment for organizations that have a current enterprise license. If you don't yet have an enterprise license, please contact our sales team to learn how you can get BriefCatch for your organization.

Install BriefCatch for Outlook

Within Outlook, navigate to Home > All Apps > Add Apps. In the app window, search for BriefCatch, then click on BriefCatch for Outlook:



In the BriefCatch for Outlook window, click Add:



Once BriefCatch for Outlook is installed, you will find BriefCatch under the Message tab when composing or replying to an email. Click the BriefCatch icon to open the BriefCatch app:



If the BriefCatch icon doesn't appear under the Message tab, you may need to manually add BriefCatch after it's deployed. To do this, navigate to the Message tab in the Outlook ribbon, then click on All Apps. From here, click on BriefCatch, which will open the app:



To load BriefCatch in Outlook Online, under the Message tab click on Apps, then on the BriefCatch icon while composing an email:bc-outlook-online-load-blue


Once BriefCatch for Outlook is installed, you can reference our How to Use BriefCatch for Outlook guide for help getting started!

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